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    Export Timecode to Tape (for broadcast must start at 01:00:00:00)

    LenseOnLife99 Level 1



      Although I am currently using CS3 I have a feeling that CS4 is probably the same.  Am putting the final touches to a 26 minute documentary for broadcast and it requires that the program starts with a timecode of 01:00:00:00.  I have no problem with the timeline, I start at 00:58:30:00, have a 1 minute colour bars followed by a 30 second countdown clock and then the documentary.


      How do I export this so that the timecode is recognised and written by the receiving tape recorder (or camera)?  I have tried Sony camera, tape deck and canon camera but cant see any way of exporting the timecode.  Is it possible with Premiere (CS3 or CS4) to override receiver from using its own timecode?