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    PE7 hangs only when closing/exiting program


      Just bought PE7/PS7 combo for my home PC.  Both programs work great, but for one thing.  When I try to close PE7, the program locks up.  The only way to close it is to go into task manager and manually "end" each of the processes related to Elements.  This seems to work, but I'm afraid that hangup is a sign of something that could be more problematic down the road.  Any suggestions?


      FYI, I'm running it on a machine with XP SP2, and a 2GB Intel Core2 Duo chip (plenty of memory).  Again, the program operates just fine.  It's ONLY when I try to exit/close the application that it locks up.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Well, you should first update your operating system. (XP should be at SP3 at this point.) Go to Windows Update and press Custom to ensure you have even the optional updates, especially for your system's hardware.


          Also ensure that you have the latest version of Quicktime from Apple.


          If that doesn't work, you shoudl uninstall Premiere Elements and reinstall it. (You won't lose any work in progress.)


          Beyond that, other factors could be how much free, defragmented space is on your C drive (You should keep at least 25-30 gigs free and defragmented) and what type of camcorder your video is coming from.

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            bryanp987 Level 1

            Sorry about the delay.


            Turns out, I already have SP3 (my mistake).  I have installed all the latest

            Windows updates, Quicktime updates, etc.  I have 150 GB of free hard drive

            space, recently defragged.


            The video is coming from a JVC GR-D72U mini-DV camcorder (standard def).


            As I said, everything seems to work fine (capture, edit, export).  It's only

            when I try to exit the program that it hangs up.


            I can certainly uninstall and reinstall if necessary.  Is there anything

            else I should be checking?




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              -Subbi Adobe Employee

              Hello there,
              Try deleting the preferences file and then relaunch and work and close the application.
              "Prefs" files can be found in this location
              Type          %appdata% \Adobe\Premiere Elements\8.0   in your run prompt.


              Also, if it is possible, before you quit the application , copy the "yourprojectname.LOG" file. (this would be present at the same location where your project (.PREL) file is saved.
              Upload that data here, for us to check as what steps you are performing in the project.