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    Possible List Drag and Drop bug

    Conrad LFS

      Hi all,


      I am using a spark.components.List that I wish the user to be able to reorder by dragging and dropping. Therefore I have dragEnabled,dropEnabled and dragMoveEnabled all set to true.


      I have a custom item renderer that has two states ('default' and 'notDefault' for the sake of argument) that the list uses. The currentState of the item renderer is determined by the data it is given.


      When items are moved around they do get reordered correctly, however if I have an item in the 'notDefault' state and drag it somewhere it ends up rendered in the 'default' state after dragging, even if the data it is displaying requires the 'notDefault' state. What is more frustrating is that the item renderer reports its currentState as 'notDefault' even though it is showing 'default'.


      The difference between the two states is that there is a VGroup with controls in it excluded from the 'default' state, and therefore if these are displayed before dragging (ie we are in the 'notDefault' state) they are consequently not displayed after dragging.


      Anybody have any ideas?