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    slide show

    junction 21

      can any

      one tell me please  how to make a slde show in ppcs4

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Slide by slide. Or use something like Imaginate.

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            Ha ha, Harm you know every single program on the planet.No problem here we have Harm,Jeff,...

            HNY - (Happy New Year)

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The first thing that I do is resized my still images to meet my chosen output, say DVD-Video @ 720x480 with proper PAR. Then I establish that matching Project/Sequence Preset.


              If there are any images that will require panning on zoomed out images, I will calculate my movements and resize those particular images to meet those needs.


              I only work with copies of my original images for the resizing and choose a destination folder in my Project's folder structure, say "Resize_720x480," "Resize_1000x750," etc.


              Then I establish the approximate Duration that I will require for my "slides," in Edit>Preferences>General>Still Duration.


              Next, I Import my slides, and set the view for my Project Panel to large thumbnails. From there, I just drag-n-drop my slides. If I wish to automate things a bit, when I resize, I'll change the file names to a numbered sequence, but I work with each image as being unique, and seldom automate much.


              I will set a Transition as my default, and use PageUp and Ctrl-D to add my Transitions. (This might come after the next step, but it depends.)


              I then go into each image and structure the "movement" by Keyframing Motion>Scale and Motion>Position.


              Last, I build my Audio Track to match the theme of the piece.


              Hope that this helps,




              PS - This ARTICLE will help you with automating the resizing of still images.

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                junction 21 Level 1

                what is imaginate harm and what country are you in if you dont mind me asking

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Imaginate is a slideshow creation tool from Canopus/GV, that unfortunately is no longer sold, but that was a very handy tool to import stills, apply themes and transitions to create a slide show, and export in various video formats. You may find it with some distributors that still have some old stock. But there are many other similar tools that allow easy creation of slide shows, that are more intuitive and easier than PR.


                  Slide shows are just a sequence of stills put in your timeline and decorated with effects/transitions to mimic video.


                  BTW, I'm in the Netherlands.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    For pure SlideShows, you might want to explore the ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer programs. Though I use PrPro for mine, I am exploring ProShow Producer. Both get very high recs. for users.


                    Good luck,



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                      Phil Griffith Level 2

                      I have used pro show gold a few times. It is fairly good. It doesn't have alpha channel so I use a blue background and in premiere I use a blue screen key. Works very well. I think Pro Show Producer has an alpha channel export. The auto random pans and zooms are fairly good, but there's nothing like doing it from scratch in Premiere. More control.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9
                        The auto random pans and zooms are fairly good, but there's nothing like doing it from scratch in Premiere. More control.


                        That is my feeling too. It's like the programs with random Transitions. Each image is unique, and deserves one's eye (and a few mouse clicks).


                        Just my thinking,



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                          lestra7 Level 1

                          Proshow Producer is nice program but unfortunately No Motion Blur.

                          I think, if you have time limit, then ProShow, but if not, then After Effects

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                            junction 21 Level 1

                            thanks for the info

                            but i still have further

                            questions if you would be so kind

                            how do i calculate what size my pics should be i am working with pal dvd 4.3 my files are jpeg do i have to convert them to psd if so can i covert them in batch

                            also is there a quick way to put the same transition between every clip thanks  tony

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                              junction 21 Level 1

                              what i am looking to do i

                              s add the stills we took on holiday to

                              the end of the holiday  video as an extra i e it is only played from the menu not as part of the video

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                                Harm Millaard Level 7

                                PAL SD is 720 x 576 with1,094 PAR. For slideshows you may want to keep some margin for pans and zooms, so something like 1080 x 864 with a 1,094 PAR looks sensible.

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  Harm has given you some size guidelines. Can't remember if I posted this ARTICLE, and if so, please forgive me.


                                  For the most complete control of both your AV and your SlideShow, I would do the SlideShow on a separate Sequence. Then, in Encore do each Sequence as a separate Timeline. You can use Playlists to "group" them into a Play All (if desired), or easily link to the appropriate Timeline from the Menu Buttons, say from a SlideShow Button, link to the Timeline with your SlideShow, and set the Timeline's End Action to Return to Last Menu, or similar. That will be a lot less work, than stringing everything into one Sequence and then one Timeline in Encore. This will give you more control, make it easier, and will likely side-step any problems.


                                  Good luck,