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    "Adobe Captivate could not detect a recording device ..."

    John_R_SF Level 1

      Adobe Captivate shows my Snowflake USB microphone but doesn't record sound from it. When I choose Calibrate I get "Adobe Captivate could not detect a recording device". However, I can record from the microphone in all my other apps (Rosetta Stone, Sony SoundForge, etc.), so I know it's not a hardware issue.


      When I go to "Sound" in Vista Pro's "Sound" option on control panel the Microphone is chosen as the default recording device, and I see the bars moving up and down when I talk.


      What can I do to get "Captivate" to see the Mic?


      A temporary workaround I found is to plug the Microphone into my laptop, then select SPDIF in as the input source. Captivate still gives the "... could not detect a recording device..." error, but the sound records anyway. This is kludgy, however.