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    Premiere 6 and Windows Vista/7


      I am running Premiere 6 in Windows XP but have bought a new computer with Vista. Will Premiere 6 work in Vista and will it work if I upgrade to Windows 7. If not, what upgrades are available to me?

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          John T Smith Legend

          P6.0 had a download to update to P6.02... but that is still OLD software


          You may or may not be able to get P6 to work in either Vista or Win7 using their compatibility mode


          For Win7 PRO or Ultimate, go to http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/


          P6 is so old I don't think Adobe has an upgrade path, you will need to buy the full version of the latest software


          IF you are going to upgrade, waiting until CS5 might be a good idea, since it will be native 64bit for Win7

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            I've been using 5.1 on Vista for a year and a half now.  I had to change the compatability to XP with administrator rights.  But then it worked fine.  I've been having major issues lately, but I'm sure that I'm trying to do too much with it.  And it's older than yours.  I don't have any experience with 7 yet.

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              I have been using premiere6.1 for nearly 10 years with great satisfaction on windows 98 ,2000, and XP.

              I have have just purchased an HP dv7 3085 laptop with windows home pemium and failed to load the 6.1 software.

              I am greatly disappointed !!

              Having read the comments I cannot see any answer except to spend more cash for more or less the same product!

              Luckly my XP desktop is still working .

              What does Adobe say about the matter?

              By the way, I loaded the 6.1 to my grandsons vista desktop without any problems.'

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                Lilskunk2 Newcomer

                When you say Windows Home Premium, are you talking about Vista?  I don't have 7 on any of my computers, so I can only answer about Vista.  I had the hardest time when I first got Vista a year and a half ago.  I looked through the forums for days for the answer.  Finally I found one that worked.  You need to run it like it's on XP.  I don't remember for sure about the installation.  If you're able to install it but not run it, then find the program icon in your program files folder. Right click on it, then go to Properties.  Go to the tab for Compatability.  Click the "Run this program in compatability mode for:" box, then click Windows XP (Service Pack 2).  At the bottom of the box, "Run this program as an administrator" should be checked too.  Then press Okay.


                When you run the program, the question pops up as to whether or not you want to run it.  Then just click okay.


                I've been running Premiere 5.1 relatively well for the year and a half.  My laptop isn't great, so I have problems doing bigger projects, but at least I can use the software for the small ones.  I'll probably be upgrading to Elements soon, so I can do a bit more.  But this fix saved me from upgrading until now.  If you can't even install it, see if the Setup icon on the disc has the compatability option too.  Since it's been so long, I can't remember if I had to do that or not.  Let me know if you can't get it to work, and I'll try to remember more.

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                  2010mike Newcomer

                  Thanks to you and all others who responded. It works just fine using the Windows 7 compatability feature.

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                    terrynwy Newcomer

                    Thank you for the info.

                    I omitted to mention that the OS is windows 7 home premium.

                    Checking the windows  web site mentioned in an earlier response it seems that an enhanced windows 7 OS is available ie., pro etc that will run a virtual XP system for older software.

                    My premiere 6.1 will not respond to anything except the demo on the disk.so I can't see how I can access the compatibilty tab even if I knew how!!

                    I am an a little short on IT knowledge!

                    I haven't contacted Adobe yet but this may be my only hope.

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                      John T Smith Legend

                      >haven't contacted Adobe yet


                      Based on other messages, the only response you will get from Adobe is P6 is too old to support, and you need to buy the latest version


                      I don't run Win7 yet, but have you tried RIGHT-Clicking the EXE program to see what options pop up?

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                        Lilskunk2 Newcomer

                        I used to be big on IT knowledge, but the advancing software has left me in the dust!


                        I'm going to explain it step by step, and hopefully it works the same on Windows 7.


                        Click Start, (or the Windows symbol in the bottom left corner)

                        Somewhere on the Start menu should be "My Computer" or just "Computer," click that

                        Double click the C drive

                        Double click the folder called Program Files

                        Double click the folder called Adobe

                        Double click the folder called Premiere

                        Your Premiere program icon should be in here.

                        Click your right mouse button over the icon

                        Click Properties (probably at the bottom of the list)

                        The Premiere Properties box should pop up

                        Click on the tab at the top called Compatability

                        Towards the top is the Compatability Mode section

                        Click the "Run this program in compatability mode for:" box, then click Windows XP (Service Pack 2).

                        At the bottom of the Premiere Properties box, "Run this program as an administrator" should be checked too.

                        Then press Okay.


                        Then try running the software again.  It shouldn't need to be restarted, but if for some reason it doesn't work still, try restarting the computer.

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                          2010mike Newcomer

                          Thanks for that but I had already managed t do it.

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                            2010mike Newcomer

                            sorry lilskunk2, hadn't noticed you were responding to terrynwy.If you have a shortcut  icon on the desk top you can use that. Just right click on itPselect 'Properties' , then 'Compatibility', then 'Run this program in compatibility mode for' then select 'Windows XP'

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                              terrynwy Newcomer


                              I have tried everything to install Premiere6 but failed.

                              I cannot get the disk to load to the drive so it will not show in installed programmes.

                              The "Welecome" screen runs with three' buttons' ie.,


                              Installation  --  Tryouts ---- Explore


                              Each has a drop down menu giving options with Premiere one of the options under the installation button.


                              The buttons all 'depress ' but nothing under the installation button reacts.


                              I have tried loading directly from the disk drive and right clicking the setup but " incompatibility" pop ups appear.


                              I have tested the disk on my grandsons 'vista' and everything loads OK so the disk is not at fault.

                              After reading all the comments in Adobe and Windows forums I have now decided to 'call it a day ' on this and will continue to use premiere on my XP desktop.


                              Thanks for all the help.

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                                Lilskunk2 Newcomer

                                My last suggestion (even though you said you were done) would be to copy all the files off of the disc temporarily onto your computer.  Then you'll be able to right click on the setup.exe file and change the compatibilty mode.  I'm not sure that would work, but it seems like a good chance.

                                Vista is a big pain.

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                                  the_wine_snob Legend

                                  This has been useful advice with installations on earlier OS's. Do not know how things might have changed. For earlier Adobe programs, and earlier OS's, installing from Safe Mode used to get many past bottlenecks. I do not believe that this will work with CS4 any longer, but with Pr 6, it should still be viable, if the OS agrees.


                                  Just thinking,



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                                    Curt Wrigley Champion

                                    You might consider upgrading to the current version of Premiere Elements.  I would say it is as powerful as premiere 6, and it will work with newer formats premiere 6 was never designed to do.  Its only $100 !

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                                      the_wine_snob Legend

                                      PrE is certainly a powerful little program. The GUI will be different, as Adobe moved from the more conventional (to me at least) look of Pr/PrPro with PrE 4. Things are now in a totally different layout, and some of the terms/names have changed. Still, it's a very powerful program, especially considering the price difference.


                                      There are some new "features" in PrE 8, that you might wish to turn off. The FAQ section of the PrE forum has plenty of tips. That would be the first place that I would start, even prior to installation.


                                      Good luck,



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                                        John T Smith Legend

                                        If you do decide to move to Premiere Elements, you might check what it will do, and the hardware that is required... and see if a vendor still has a PE7 to sell


                                        There seem to be a LOT of complaints about PE8 over in that part of the forum



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                                          terrynwy Newcomer

                                          Thanks to all suggestions. I am now running a trial version of Prem CS4 and so far I am impressed but not sure if the $ price is worth it. I will try a trial of elements next so will have a comparison.

                                          One difficulty I have with CS4 is how do I produce a DVD.?

                                          On Prem 6 I exported the file and then used Roxio Creator 6 to burn the DVD.

                                          I can't find out how to do a similar process.

                                          Any ideas.?

                                          Sorry if I have used incorrect technical terms but hope you can understand!


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                                            John T Smith Legend

                                            The full version of  Premiere Pro CS4 includes Encore CS4 for DVD authoring


                                            Check around the Adobe side and you will find places to download the full user guide for each program as a PDF so you may read


                                            A note about Roxio... and the problems it causes with Encore


                                            Things and Software to AVOID when authoring/burning a DVD

                                            Also http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060

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                                              the_wine_snob Legend

                                              Before you go with the trial of PrE 8, be sure to go to the PrE forum and look in the FAQ's Section, and also the Tips & Tricks Section. There are several useful articles on setting up aspects of PrE 8. It has had several "features" added, and not all of them are intuitive, nor are they performance enhancements. If you know what to turn off, and bypass, your experience will be much better. Before you finish your evaluation, you can go in and turn them on, to test to see if they really are features for you. That will save you a lot of time fighting some things, that you might not care to use. [I'd have designed the program to launch in "clean, lean and mean" format, and then have pop-ups notifying the user of the "features," but I was never asked.]


                                              Personally, just the user-interface in PrPro would be enough to get me to pay the big $'s, but that is just me.


                                              Good luck,