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    How to "freeze" video?


      Unfortunately I installed Premiere Elements 8 in german, so I don't know the exact phrase how the function is called in english. It's default key is "X", hope you know, what I look for.


      My question:

      I made a lot of changes and settings and now want to add some "freeze time" in the middle of the video. I think the function mentioned above is meant for this, I can select the button but cannot apply it on the video.


      Any idea when looking at the screenshot? Unfortunately when hitting PrintScreen the mouse is disabled, so you can't see that I place the mouse on the video line and it gets a red bar across the icon.


      Thank you

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Personally, I like the control of Export/Share as a Still Frame, and using that to get the Freeze Frame that I need.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            One can also use Frame Hold. Here's the info on that (from PrE 4, so there might be some differences in PrE 8):


            Hold a video frame

            If you want to hold a single still frame on the screen  for the duration of a clip, while letting its soundtrack play normally, use the  Frame Hold feature.

            You can hold on the clip’s In point, Out point, or at a frame you designate  with Marker 0 (zero) within the clip. If the video includes linked audio, the  audio still plays for the duration of the clip. You can delete the audio or  disable it if desired.

            1. Double-click a clip in the Timeline to display it in  the Preview window.
            2. To hold on a specific frame, rather than the In or  Out point of the clip, drag the current-time indicator in the mini-timeline of  the Preview window to the frame you want held. Choose Clip > Set Clip  Marker > Other Numbered. Then, specify 0 (zero) for Set Numbered Marker, and  click OK.
              Important: You must set a  Clip marker in the clip, not a Timeline marker in the movie.
            3. In the Preview window, click the Close button.
            4. Select the clip in the Timeline.
            5. Choose Clip > Video Options > Frame  Hold.
            6. In the Frame Hold Options dialog box, select Hold On.
            7. Choose the frame you want to hold from the menu: In  Point, Out Point, or Marker 0.
            8. Specify the following options as desired, and  click OK:
              Hold Filters
              Prevents any keyframed effect settings (if any are present) from animating  during the duration of the clip. Effect settings use the values at the held  frame.
              Removes one field from an interlaced video clip and doubles the remaining  field, so that interlace artifacts are not apparent in the freeze frame.
              Note: If you set the hold frame on  an In or Out point, changing the In or Out point doesn’t change the freeze  frame. On the other hand, if set to hold on Marker 0, moving the marker does  change the frame displayed.
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              And, of course, the simplest way is to just click on the little camera icon along the bottom of the Monitor panel. This feature is literally called Freeze Frame!

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                Longu Level 1

                Eactly that's what I was looking for .

                Thanks a lot!