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    required fields

    DanMun Level 1

      How do I prevent saving and printing a document if a field is not completed?  I know that the submit field will not work if you select "reqired fields" for that field, but I would like the save and print options to not work as well?  It would be nice if the script brought the user to the requred field for competion once the print or save button was engaged as well-a lot to ask probably.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can not prevent it for many reasons, but the primary one is it would prevent OS level backing up of your forms. You and add a field to indicate the form is incomplete until all the required fields are completed.

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            DanMun Level 1

            That is exacly what I am looking for-kind of a reminder. Reqyuired fields only reminds me when I want to submit the form by email.  I need sonmthing that will remind the user on exit or before printing-if possible.


            I guess I didn't explain well enough.  How in the world would I do that?