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    DropDownList: Set selectedIndex and @{databinding}...asynchonous?

    WebTrauma Level 1

      I am calling a component from my main Flex app.


      This component contains a DropDownList (dDL).


      I am sending bi-directionally bound number from my main app's valueObject to the component.


      Populating the dDL from an array collection is easy...I call a function from the component's creationComplete.


      The bi-directional data binding works great...I see my valueObject being updated when a different value is selected from the dDL.


      In the component, upon initialization I use an iterator to find the array index value that matches the passed-in number. Therefore, the dDL value displayed matches what is passed in from the valueObject. So far, so good.


      This works only when I do NOT use bi-directional data binding (e.g. passing in a literal from the main app to the component).


      I think what might be happening is some asynchonous behavior caused by bi-directional data binding? In the component, I don't think the value returns from the @ databinding function in time to be used for component initialization.


      What event should I be using to set the 'prompt' in the dDL to make sure the databinding function has returned & thus my data from the main app is available?