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    Why is my audio is out of sync with my video on hd capture from sony camera


      My System

      Win 7 64 Bit

      Asus P5Q-E Motherboard

      4 GIGS DDR Patriot Ram    

      Pentium quad 2.8

      Ati Video Card

      Onboard Audio

      CS3 Premiere And Encore




      I have a Sony HVR Z series HD camera from sony.  I will capture a tape and it will be out of sync. I will then recapture and it may be in sync or not, this is really frustrating especially for music videos and weddings, actually a nightmare. I'm not quite sure as to the reason as it happens in Adobe Premiere cs3 and cs4. I have updated everything. Do you thing I need a 10000 RPM os system drive. Any help would be appreciated.