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    flash animation won't play

    I H8 UM Level 1

      The big brown square in the middle of the page should have an image slide show playing. Any idea why it isn't playing? Thanks in advance.

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          You might have mistakenly set it to behave as a Graphic instead of MovieClip in the Properties panel, in which case it would only play as many frames as it had in the timeline. I would check that first.
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            I H8 UM Level 1
            Doesn't appear to be. It actually plays on my computer, but not when I upload it to the server.
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              meishak Level 1
              Is it looking for an external SWF or FLV?
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                I need help someone. Seriously!

                I have student flash as part of CS3. I created a flash file and made a short movie. I saved it and opened it, made changes on the sound and timeline and added sound. I made a movie over time like this. It was going good.

                Now I go to open it up. And instead of appearing in the timeline and stage, it just opens in a popup and plays like a preview.

                It won't let me open it up on the stage to alter, and I don't need another preview. I want to open the thing and change it.

                What am I doing wrong?


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                  meishak Level 1
                  It sounds like your opening the SWF file that was created when you tested your file before. If you don't see another file ending in FLA, that perhaps you neglected to save it?
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                    82shogun Level 1
                    Thanks for the fast response. I appreciate it, Meishak.

                    I remember saving everything. I have the file. I go to File >> Open >> I select the file I want>> Target file DOES OPEN... but only in preview. I popup opens up and plays the movie. But I cannot, to the best of my understanding (student newbie advert. major) open it to where I can edit timeline and stage and whatnot. I used to be able to. It is saved. It does open. But just not to be altered... is the best way I could describe it. I am assuming that maybe there is some type of "open as..." setting somewhere and it just have it on "always open as preview."

                    I don't know... I have googled every troubleshot wordphase under the sun and nothing. Any thoughts?


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                      CHAOS'|nc. Level 1
                      I'm sure someone will help you very soon. Clbeech usually does when he is around, so just wait and your problems will be hopefully solved. :)
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                        meishak Level 1
                        What is the file extension on the file that you have saved?
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                          clbeech Level 3
                          82shogun - meishak is correct - you're opening the SWF file not the FLA file - search your system the file should have a 'red' icon - not a white or gray one. also you should not 'highjack' someone else's thread and instead start one of your own, your topic is unrelated to the OP's topic (just for future reference ;)

                          I H8 UM - you are missing some files on your server - either the images themselves that are contained within an external folder within the same directory that the SWF file is in on your computer - or FLV or another SWF. are you using a template here? regardless, the directory structures need to be the same in order to import external files, which it sounds like is the case here.