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    Calculate event is not getting fried twice for interactive form


      Hello All,


      I read in some sorces that calculate event will get triggered twice in interactive forms.


      For the first time when i tried out below sequence of event trigering happened for numeric filed with calculation script in calculate event.


      NumericField5.rawValue = NumericField5.rawValue + 1


          Execution of events on numeric field.

      ·        Initialize event ->before opening the form

      ·        Calculate event ->before opening the form

      ·        Validate event -> before opening the form

      ·        Form ready event->before opening the form

      ·        Layout ready event->before opening the form

      ·        Doc ready event->opens the form(Up to now value of numeric field is 1)

      ·        Calculate event->after opening the form(Value changes to 2 )

      ·        Validate event->after opening the form

      ·        Layout ready form->after opening the form

      ·        Doc close event -> on closing the form


      Dont know  what happened later ,when i tried executing ->event sequence came up to doc ready event thats it.Calculate event is not triggering for the second  time.What is going wrong here.


      my one more question is  will validate and layout ready event also triggers twice or aobve sequence is wrong ?Is there any problem in designing the form.


      Thanks in advance,