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    How do I just open a 'blank' page?


      My apologies if this is a dumb question but...


      As a long term user of Homesite now trying out CF Builder I am discovering things that I take for granted in Homesite that are missing in CF Builder that, for me, are complete show stoppers in terms of me actually spending money to 'upgrade' to a new IDE. I've been ignoring this one for a while assuming that it was just the way I was using CF Builder, but now I am not sure and am hoping that someone here can either confirm it or enlighten me as to how to do what I want to do...


      I simply want to open a 'blank' page in CF Builder without it having to be associated with a project or a file or anything like that. I just want to press ctrl-N and get a blank page that I can paste stuff into and use as a scratchpad - with no popups asking for names or projects or anything. I might want to save it later as a file and maybe as part of a project, but "right now" I just want a blank page. Someone suggested that a new snippet might be what I wanted but even that pops up a window asking for a name for the snippet.


      Any and all advice is very much appreciated.