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    Transcation files are not moving from collector directory


      Hi All


      We are using Adobe central output 5.5.

      Transcation files are not moving from the collector directory and it happens in a random manner.

      This is resolved when we are restarting the server where the adobe central output is installed.


      Anyone can guide why this is happening and what are the cases it will happen?


      It would be great if some explain me how JFCNTRL is passing the JFXXXXX.MSG to the control folder.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Vegard Bakke Level 1

          Maybe the agent is still running (in a loop).


          Check jfserver.sts in notepad. If it is saying 'Launching...' your agent has not yet finished. Check Task Manager, and you'll probably see it there.


          If you kill the agent process, jfserver, will move the file to error, and keep processing the next file.




          Now, why the _agent_ is looping, is more tricky. What agent is it? JfMerge? Have you done any preamble programming that might loop?




          JFCNTRL is just creating a normal text file, which includes a command to pause or stop jfserver. Turn on "backup files" and pick it up. You can drop the reload msg yourself later if you don't have access to the console of the server.


          JfServer.exe is scanning both 'control' and 'data' for '*.msg' before picking up any '*.da?'. Therefore you may also drop the message file in the 'data'.



          Hope this helps a bit,

          and give us more information about the agent : )