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    Computer Specs

    fincaman2 Level 1

      Hello All, I joined a few months ago and posted various problems with PP CS4,Poor quality video in editing window, no sound from my JVC GY-HM100, etc etc my computer then was a( 3gb Pentium 4, 2gb ram XP Pro). I decided to build a new computer to handle HD files (Intel i7 950, 6gb ram, Nvidia 9600 Video Card, 3 X 1tb HDD's Win 7 64 Pro).Everything now works fine with the added bonus that rendering time is down to a fraction of the time it took previously, so this is just a comment, before you get experts racking their brains over problems make sure your computer specs are good enough.I suspect many of the problems that are posted could be cured by upgrading specs but the experts are to polite to say !!! However Encore worked great before but won't render now so I will post on the other forum.