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    Need help building an export script (js) that will export 2 different files

    Pablo TI

      Basically PageExporterUtility5 does what I need (almost) but it has loads of options that would confuse the people at my work that would be using this


      So I need a vastly simplified script that does only the following:


      1) Export one "print" file according to the PDF preset selected


      2) Export one "cut" file that would go to our cutter machine which can read layered PDFs.


      The Dialog would give you options of which layers you want to be the print file and which ones you want to be the cut file.

      Here is a mock up of the dialog to give a better idea:



      In this example the Indesign file contains 3 layers and shows how you would select different layers for the desired result.


      Any one interested (javascript only needed)??