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    Form with inside a TabNavigator with FormItems


      I have a Form that inside has a TabNavigator with differents tabs containing different FormItems, so the form is only one but the various FormItems are subdivided in different tabs.


      The form works good but the FormItems inside the TabNavigator have bad alignment while the FormItems outside the tabs are ok.


      Anyone has any tips to fix it? (code follows)


      <mx:Form defaultButton="{btn}">
           // good align
           <mx:FormItem label="Name">
                <mx:TextInput />
                <mx:VBox label="TAB 1">
                     // bad align
                     <mx:FormItem label="Item in TAB 1" direction="horizontal">
                          <mx:RadioButtonGroup id="rb1" />
                          <mx:RadioButton groupName="rb1" label="N" value="0" />
                          <mx:RadioButton groupName="rb1" label="Y" value="1" />
                <mx:VBox label="TAB 2">
                     // bad align
                     <mx:FormItem label="Item in TAB 2" direction="horizontal">
                          <mx:RadioButtonGroup id="rb2" />
                          <mx:RadioButton groupName="rb2" label="N" value="0" />
                          <mx:RadioButton groupName="rb2" label="Y" value="1" />
                <mx:Button id="btn" />