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    Which forum do I use?


      I am not sure which forum to direct this question.


      I am considering buying a JVC GZMG505 camcorder. (I need the mic input.)


      I want to send one A/V signal to a TV set to use as a monitor.


      At the same time I also want to record the A/V onto my computer's HDD.


      The JVC GZMG505 has both firewire and USB outs.


      I can post more info, if needed, when I get to where I need to be.


      Please tell me which forum to use; notice I did not say, tell me where to go.


      Thanks Jim

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          This forum is OK, but the camera does not allow capture over firewire, only copying of directories and files over USB. Capture can only be done with tape based formats. It is not possible to copy the data while looking at them at the same time on a TV.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            With the proper camera, you can use On-Location to get the footage to the computer's HDD, but the camera must be capable, as Harm points out, of direct FW output.


            Good luck,



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              zjimbo Level 1

              I did not ask the question correctly. Sorry


              If I am recording on the camera I can not be downloading or capturing the same video images to a PC at the same time. I will first need to use the camera to record the video and then later capture it onto a PC...I mean that makes since.


              Now that I think about it here is all I need to do.


              While the camera is recording the video onto its HD I can sent that real-time image to a Monitor using the A/V outs on the camera.


              I believe it is really that simple. Just not sure if the A/V signal will run 100ft without being booster or something.

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                zjimbo Level 1

                Oh yea...I want to send to A/V to an LCD TV. I quess I may need an adapter of some sort or interface.


                I did the same thing using an older TV with RCA connectors using my Canon HV20 and it worked great to see myself on a monitor while I was being recorded.


                I quess an LCD TV will not work being connected directly to the JVC camera????

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  This is all pretty simple if you have an HD-SDI capable camera and a HD-SDI monitor, which your model is not, nor is your TV. If you don't have HD-SDI, forget it.