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    SIP connections

    CaioToOn! Level 3
      Hi, there!

      Intenting to do VoIP connections and Pc-To-Phone (PSTN) calls, I have some doubts.

      1. Is there possible to estabilish SIP connections through AIR?

      2. If yes, which would be the path? If not, I would like to know what in fact is Ribbit Phone (www.ribbit.com) if not a way to do VoIP calls.

      3. Is there possible to integrate LIB, .CAB or .OCX functionallities to my AIR application?

      Thank you,
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          anirudhs Level 2

          You can initiate TCP socket connections from AIR (No UDP or server sockets though). I don't think there are any existing actionscript APIs for SIP, though you could write your own. You may want to check out http://pac.ifica.net/

          It's not possible to integrate LIB or OCX stuff into AIR. AIR supports decompression using the ZLIB and DEFLATE algorithms (check out flash.utils.ByteArray). No support for CAB files though.