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    How can I start and stop an animation when the mouse moves over it?




      I am very new to Flash programming. I have created an animation by making a series of frames. So now I have a FLA file with the frames in.


      So far, so good.


      I can export this as a movie and create a SWF file.


      So far so good.


      I can use this SWF file in a HTML document and get it to display in the browser.


      This is where I hit a brick wall. I have done a lot of searches but I am getting something wrong. I need to adjust this FLA/SWF so that in the HTML file, when the SWF is first loaded it does not play. If the mouse moves over the object it starts/continues playing. If the mouse moves away it stops playing.


      I have tried converting to symbol and using onClipEvent(mouseMove) and hitTest and to no avail.


      Thanks for good advice.