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    Flex 4 RichEditableText out of memory problems


      Hello, we're conducting performance testing on the UI of a productivity application we're developing using Adobe AIR. We are using Flash Builder 4 public beta. One part of the performance test is updating the textFlow property of a RichEditableText control every 5 seconds with random data that contains several paragraphs and several images (to mimic a typical news article). We used TextFlowUtil.importFromString(str) to convert the raw data to a textFlow object.


      We found that the above test with the RichEditableText control would quickly crash the AIR runtime with presumably out-of-memory problems. If we switch to using the (read-only) RichText control, the problem went away. The only material difference between the two controls we could find in the documentation is that the RichEditableText control supports unlimited undo/redos as long as it retains focus. Could this be the source of the memory problem? Regardless, can its behavior be modified to avoid the out-of-memory problems?


      The use case we are trying to simulate is having the productivity app open for weeks at a time, with constant editing and going back and forth between different workflows.


      Thanks for your help, and please let me know if you need additional information