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    Form guides with barcode:

    kc_chaitu Level 2


        I have a form designed in 8.0 which is running perfectly in PDF preview and Form guide preview as well.

      When I add a 2D barcode field on the form, I could not able to see the Form in the Form Guide preview. It's just a blank blue screen.

      I could see some new warnings in the preview tab of Guide Builder:


      Warning: Unsupported XFA method/property 'caption'

      Warning: Unsupported XFA method/property 'formNodes'

      Warning: Duplicate variable definition.

      Warning: Duplicate variable definition.


      All these warnings point to the automated script generated by the barcode:

      Please find the bold & underlined where the first warning points to:


      function encode(node)


          var barcodeLabel = this.caption.value.text.value;

          if (includeLabel == true && barcodeLabel.length > 0)







      Can you please help me on this?