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    FlexCPD ANT task error


      FlexPMD is working like a charm but I got the following error when trying to use FlexCPD:

      taskdef A class needed by class com.adobe.ac.cpd.ant.FlexCpdAntTask cannot be found: net/sourceforge/pmd/cpd/Renderer


      This is my task definition:


      <taskdef name="cpd" classname="com.adobe.ac.cpd.ant.FlexCpdAntTask" classpath="${jar.dir}/flex-pmd-cpd-ant-task-${flexpmd.version}.jar">
                  <pathelement location="${jar.dir}/flex-pmd-files-${flexpmd.version}.jar" />
                  <pathelement location="${jar.dir}/flex-pmd-cpd-${flexpmd.version}.jar" />
                  <pathelement location="${jar.dir}/as3-plugin-utils-${flexpmd.version}.jar" />
                  <pathelement location="${jar.dir}/as3-parser-${flexpmd.version}.jar" />
                  <pathelement location="${jar.dir}/as3-parser-api${flexpmd.version}.jar" />
                  <pathelement location="${jar.dir}/pmd-4.2.5.jar" />


      Am I missing a JAR? I copied the task definition from FlexCPD page

      Any Clue?




      I got a similar issue with Metrics:

      taskdef A class needed by class com.adobe.ac.pmd.metrics.ant.FlexMetricsAntTask cannot be found: org/dom4j/DocumentException


      FlexPMD still works fine...