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    FLV Cue Points from Soundbooth


      I am having a strange issue. I have several audio files that I have opened in Sounbooth and added cue points. I saved the files as FLVs. Upon importing into Flash CS4 with the FLVPlayback component, my cue points are not loading. The component inspector shows "cuePoints: None".  In a test I did before the New Year, the cue points loaded fine. I have no idea what I did differently this time.  Any ideas?  I know I can add the cue points in the FLVPlayback component, but I'd rather be able to do it in Soundbooth.


      Thank you!

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          MisterIsh Level 1

          This is an annoying work around, but here's how I got the cue points from Soundbooth to be recognized in Flash:


          1. Opened the original MP3 in Soundbooth
          2. Added my markers/cue points
          3. Saved As ".AVI"
          4. Saved again as ".F4V" (not FLV)
          5. Imported the F4V into the FLVPlayback component


          NOTE: If you add a new cue point to the FLV and try to resave as the same file name, the latest cue point will not import into Flash. I had to do yet another save as and pick a new file name.


          Going to try to eliminate the AVI step, but note hopeful.


          Hope this helps others.