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    Can't Open .NEF Files In Camera Raw CS3 - Windows 7

    pharaoh8 Level 1

      I have a Nikon D60, Windows 7 Professional (32bit) and  Web Premium CS3. 


      I recently upgraded from XP to Windows 7.


      I cannot get my Nikon's .NEF (Camera Raw) files to open when I select "Open in Camera Raw". I can see the .NEF thumbnails, but neither Photoshop or Bridge will open the files in Raw, you know where you can adjust all those killer settings non destructively.


      I had cs3 installed on an XP machine and my .NEF files worked perfectly in Raw.  Not so in Windows 7. I have tried to update to Camera Raw 5.6 but that wouldn't install. Is there an earlier version of CR that I can get and use, or any other advice would help.