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    No h264 options in bd setting menu prem el 8

    Gerard Bakker



      I am working with premiere elements 7 and a hdv camera. All working fine.

      After editing i brun a blueray disk in h264 1920x1080.


      In premiere elements 8 i can ony select the mpeg 2 settings, alle the h264 are gone.

      Am i the only one?

      Here the screen dumps, same project opend in 7 and than 8

      Who can help me?

      For long term archive i like to save it in h264 instead of mpg2, and yes i know that for the best result it's better to save it in mpeg2.

      Premiere elements 7 is english and premiere elements 8 is dutch.

      Is it a registration problem?


      I already have the latest beta nvidia driver and renamed a file to get rid of the windows mediacenter reciever problems, this is for me the next showstopper to switch to 8.




      Thanks in advance