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    object/embed element id_DoFsCommand in Firefox 1.5??



      I am using the _DoFsCommand() in Fire Fox 1.5x on Mac OS 10.3x with vers

      7 Flash pluggin and am getting the following error:


      Error: plugin.SetWindow is not a function
      Source File: javascript: function jsScriptObject(obj)

      { this.wrappedJSObject = obj; } jsScriptObject.prototype =

      { evaluate : function(expression) { return new jsScriptObject(eval(expression)); } };

      var plugin = document.embeds['SWFO']; plugin.SetWindow(new jsScriptObject(window),879801055);

      Line: 1


      Can anyone here give me a clue about this error?

      I would think that expertise on Action Script would include

      a broader knowledge of browser behavior where javascript

      interaction with actionscript is concerned.

      I have posted a query to Coding Forums/javascript programming as well

      about this.


      Thank you for time and attention