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    Version control not synchronizing the rhvariable.apj and default.css

    Rasterdan2U Level 1

      After we had many problems with the 8.0.2 update, we managed to get a compile that was mostly correct and it buys us a couple weeks.  We are still having problems with the rhvariable.apj and the default.css files.  We had to edit the .cpd file in MS Access to get our global variables back from just before the update.  I did not want to manually enter 800+ variables again.  If my colleague edits the rhvariable file, i can't edit the file and i get an error.  If I edit the file, he can't read my file.  In order to get a compile with the variables we cut and pasted my variables into his .cpd file and it worked, but, now we are adding more variables and changing others resulting in only one of us having a working copy.  My system complained about the default .css which did not come down from the server so i just pasted his file to my directory and it is working but we are having problems editing that file also.  This is crazy.  The 8.0.2 really hurt us and is still hurting.  We are trying to run with it but having some significant problems.


      Got any ideas?