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    mx:TextInput does not fire textInput at deleting text

      Hi there!

      I want to redirect the changes in a TextInput-Field. I want to know if text was entered, pasted or deleted by the user. Then i want the usual behavior to be ignored....

      Ok, i hooked up a handler for the textInput-Attribtute and it works fine but if i delete text in the field by using backspace or selecting part of the text and pressing delete it does not fire! With the preventDefault()-Method i can stop the TextField from being altered, as the deletion of text works in unknown way ;) i cannon handle it.

      The documentation says otherwise though: Dispatched when the user types, deletes, or pastes text into the control.. I dove a little deeper in the code and the docs and it appeared to me that the mx:TextInput-Class is more or less just a container for a FlexTextField which is a subclass of flash.text.TextField. Now i looked at the flash.text.TextField and what do i see there? the same Event is described differently: Flash Player dispatches the textInput event when a user enters one or more characters of text.

      This seems to be very wierd to me, am i missing anything here?