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    A C++ and COM question...



      in the middle of a project where I'm trying to build a Flash frontend for a DVB application (DVBViewer) I came across a problem.

      I need to interrogate this application (with COM - Component Object Model) to gain some informations (channel, program, EPG, etc).

      From what I've learned, Flash can't communicate with other applications thru COM.


      In other words this is what I'm thinking about:

      C++ Code ---> COM interrogation to DVBViewer ---> send information to Flash/Actionscript ---> display information


      An example of C++ code where the current channel name is found:


      int main()

      DVBViewerServer::DVBViewer^ dvbv = ( DVBViewerServer::DVBViewer^ )  System::Runtime::InteropServices::Marshal::GetActiveObject( gcnew System::String("DVBViewerServer.DVBViewer") );

      DVBViewerServer::IChannelItem^ name = dvbv->CurrentChannel;


      this piece of code will find the current tuned channel name. I'd like to pass the channel name as a variable to Flash and work on it.


      So, I've search the web for a solution: Zinc,mProjector,Alchemy but I came up with no conclusion.
      Is this possible?

      Sorry for being OT...
      Thank you very much for your time...