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    Old premiere elements version 4...freezing up/shutting down


      I have an old version of adobe premeire elements that the tech support line does not support. I was informed of that after spending

      40 minutes on hold...gee...that was helpful.....LOL

      Anyway...my computer is a couple years old but it has 4 gigs of ram and it is a quad core Dell system so it should not be freezing up like it does.I have lots of free hard drive space and I close down what programs I can before trying to run the program.  I am getting more and more frustrated with it shutting down on me.  I have read some stuff on the forums about adobe 8 version but not the older ones.  Can I update to 8 and how much would that cost me?

      I doubt it would help me anyway.  My display driver is updated...what else can I do?? My son and I are ready to pack it in and try another program but don't have the funds to buy something different and we are used to this one.    please help me out....thanks guys..........