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    unable to connect the scrubbar to the video element.. please help

    cyber0897 Level 1

      hey guys so i need some help with connecting the scrubbar with the video element... i have no idea how to do it..


      the code i have is


              <!--mx:Image id="closeImage" source="modules/apx32/images/closeButton.png" top="10" left="625"
                        right="10" useHandCursor="true" buttonMode="true" rollOver="close_rollover(event)"
                        rollOut="close_rollout(event)" click="closeVideo()"/-->
              <s:VideoElement id="videoElement" autoPlay="true" width="700" height="350"  />
              <s:ToggleButton id="toggle" color="#ffffff" click="playButtonClick()"
                              height="350" left="83" top="350"/>
              <s:ScrubBar id="scrub" liveDragging="true" left="80" top="325" width="541"
                          skinClass="modules.apx32.myComponents.scrubBarSkin" />