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    Problems with app descriptor.xml

      We're having problems getting the AIR install to follow the entries in the app.xml descriptor. Entries below. Specifically it is not installing in a subpath of Program Files and Start menu according to the descriptor, e.g. Program Files\Acme\AcmeApp\... but instead just in ProgramFiles\... Also it is not binding the custom file type to the app. This is on Vista. We have several iterations of installing/uninstalling but it seems to be uninstalled cleanly. Yet the re-installation does not bind the file type. Any help would be appreciated.
      relevant entries from descriptor:

      <!-- The subpath of the standard default installation location to use. Optional. -->
      <!-- <installFolder>Acme/AcmeApp</installFolder> -->

      <!-- The subpath of the Windows Start/Programs menu to use. Optional. -->
      <!-- <programMenuFolder>Acme/AcmeApp</programMenuFolder> -->

      <!-- Listing of file types for which the application can register. Optional. -->
      <!-- <fileTypes> -->

      <!-- Defines one file type. Optional. -->
      <!-- <fileType> -->

      <!-- The name that the system displays for the registered file type. Required. -->
      <!-- <name>Acme.Link</name> -->

      <!-- The extension to register. Required. -->
      <!-- <extension>acme</extension> -->

      <!-- The description of the file type. Optional. -->
      <!-- <description>Link to Acme App files</description> -->

      <!-- The MIME type. Optional. -->
      <!-- <contentType>text/plain</contentType> -->

      <!-- The icon to display for the file type. Optional. -->
      <!-- <icon>
      </icon> -->

      <!-- </fileType> -->
      <!-- </fileTypes> -->