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    Help with blurry video

    blkdrgn18 Level 1

      I'm a noob with video editing. I have an Intel i7 using Windows 7 64bit and CS4 Premiere Pro and Elements 8.0. My camcorder is a Canon Vixia HF11. The original file I am trying to edit is a AVCHD .MTS extension. I couldn't use my Canon software to download the file from my camcorder because I was on a trip so I just copied and pasted the files to my laptop. Normally it downloads it as a .m2ts file on my desktop. Does that matter?


      The original file looks good when viewing on my computer. The exported file looks blurry with vertical lines only when the video is moving. Pictures look fine and the video looks fine as long as there is no movement.


      In Premiere Pro I created a new project and chose AVCHD 1080i. I added my pictures and then the videos (.mts). I added some transitions and exported it as H.264 Blu-Ray and also MPEG2 Blu-Ray. I chose 1440x1080i 25 High Quality. When playing the exported video on my computer it looks blurry only when the video is moving. I also imported the file I exported from Pro into Elements, created menus and then burned it to a Blu-Ray disc. I tried it in three different standalone Blu-Ray players and the video looks the same. Am I doing something wrong here?


      I attached a sample of what the video looks like on my TV. Sorry I was using my iPhone to capture it.