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    Problems Not Displaying for New Files

    billbailey1964 Level 1

      I have been working on a Flex project for several weeks and the IDE seems to have been working correctly. However, this morning I added several new ActionScript classes to my project and I noticed that I don't get any markers in the editor or any errors in the problems pane for these files. I can intentionally enter all kinds of bogus syntax and the IDE never complains. Interestingly, all of the old files seem to work fine ... i.e. if I introduce a syntax error in them, the editor displays a marker and the problems pane displays the error as one would expect.

      This happened to me once before over a month ago and in that case I ended up creating a brand new project, moving all of my source code to the new project and reconfiguring the build path, etc., and then dropping the old project. This seemed to fix the problem at that time, but I just tried the same thing and it didn't help this time. I still can't get the IDE to give me any feedback on these new files. If I make an error, I don't know it until I run the program ... which kind of defeats one of the purposes of an IDE. It is almost as if the IDE thinks it is not a program file and doesn't run the compiler when it is saved ... but the auto-completion still works in the editor so at least the editor must recognize that it is an ActionScript file.

      Anybody have any idea what could be causing this or, even better, how to fix it?