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    SWF controls not working!


      I hope someone can help me. I've been trying to find a way to be able to have intricate animations imported into catalyst from flash but i just can't make it work like i want to. The man problem are the SWF controls, they exist, but don't work! i've tryed a couple of examples given to me from Ty and from the forum, but i still don't have ANY control over the SWF it just plays (not that I tell it to!). It doesn't stop, it doesn't go to a frame and play nor it pauses. Catalys is a really good tool for webdesigners such as myself but if I can't use intricate animations in my interactions i may just be working in 1990! If the hole idea of this software is to produce rich internet content, tell me, how can i create rich internet content without the richness??


      Please fix these bugs!!!

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          JoanaBCunha Level 1

          I've attached my test file here so you can see what i'm talking about. In this case i'm just trying for the SWF to stop on aplication start cause it doesn't, it plays on forever (any of the swf control commands aren't working including the swf controller that tells it to stop at the beginning). My guess is that it has to be some kind of problem that only affects me cause no-one has ever said anything about this, and for me, it's fundamental to be working.

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            I have dl'd your swf and it appears that there is no <code> stop(); </code> in any frame.  How many frames are in the main timeline of your fla?


            One suggestion: put a stop action in each frame that begins a state of the swf. if that makes any sense.  I assume you want to use this in combination with a default, mouseover, mouseout, and onclick interaction.


            For instance say the timeline has a stop action in  frame one(frame one will begin the animation to the default state). then the animation goes to frame 5 and encounters another stop action(frame 5 is the end of the animation to the default state).


            From frame 5 to frame 10 animate the transition from default to mouseover. Place a stop action in frame 10(frame ten is the end of the transition to mouseover state). Continue to frame 15 with the animation to mouseout.(basically frame 5-10 in reverse)place a stop action in 15.


            now to make it work:


            in catalyst with nothing selected:

            add interaction on application start

            play swf ( this plays the opening animation to frame 5 where it encounters the stop action which is the default state )


            With swf selected:

            add interaction on mouseover

            gotoandplay (5) swf

            set the frame to goto over on the right hand side menu under general


            (this will play to frame 10 and hit the stop action which is the mouseover state and in addition later when in frame 15 which will occur onmouseout it will bring the playhead back to frame 5 if the user once again wenters the mouseover state)



            with swf selected:

            add interaction on mouseout

            play swf (this will play to frame 15 and stop on what should be a frame identical to 5 which is the default state)



            I hope this helps, like I said: I am assuming this is how you want to deploy your swf just by looking at the looping swf you have provided.

            Sorry if I am way off base!


            Jared W.

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              JoanaBCunha Level 1

              Thanks so much for the help.


              I've tryed it your way and still nothing !  I guess my real problem are

              with the swf controls. The swf just doesn't respond to them. I hope you guys

              can figure out what's really happening here cause i really need to use swfs

              in my app. Nonetheless i have attached the new catalyst file to this post so

              you can take a look and see if i done anything wrong.