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    Install Pdf Generator



      I would like to use a software to encrypt documents on a server. Documents must be decrypted by users on their computers.

      I think Pdf Generator is the best way to do that, but i encounter some problems during LiveCycle ES 2 install.


      1- Do I really need  LiveCycle ES 2 to use Pdf Generator? Is there a standalone version of Pdf Generator?

      2- Is it really the best way to encrypt pdf documents?


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          Hodmi Level 4

          If you want to encrypt PDFs using a simple password then you should look at the Encryption 1.1 service.  This is in the Common category and comes with any of the following LiveCycle modules:

          • Barcoded Forms
          • Digital Signatures
          • Forms
          • Output
          • PDF Generator
          • Process Management
          • Reader Extensions
          • Rights Management


          All of these require the base LiveCycle foundation server parts (which get installed when you install the software).


          If you want to encrypt the PDF with something more advanced than a simple password, then you may want to look at the Rights Management software.  That module is more of a DRM type encryption which gives you more options for defining policies, recalls, auditing, etc.

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