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    Cross platform compatability

    ElliR Level 2

      Is it possible to open raw files converted to dng on a Mac platform on the Windows platform? I'll add the caveat that this is not really my problem but I have read on another forum that I frequent that a user is unable to open dng files on his Windows platform that were created on his Mac at college. This has somewhat intrigued me and I wonder what the solution is.

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          Panoholic Level 2

          Principally the DNG files are supposed to be portable; the DNG specification requires, that both byte orders are supported. There are some  formally erroneous DNG files, but that has nothing to do with the platform.


          I have a problem with your a user is unable to open dng files on his Windows platform: a user does not open any files, only a program does. If this is a program created by the user, then it is possible, that the program is not prepared for both byte orders; that would be very bad, because the byte order of a given DNG or native raw file does not depend on his computer but on the creator. For example Nikon's are MSBF while Canons are LSBF.


          It is possible, that the DNG version causes the problem: for example if the creator program supports version 1.3 and creates a file contaning some new tags, then an older program notices, that there are some "ununderstandable" tags there.




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            ElliR Level 2

            Tks for that.