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    Twitter Feed Within A Flex/Air Application

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      I am attempting to advance an appilcation I've created so that it incorporates a live twitter feed i.e. when users access the application their own twitter feed is shown within it and is updated live.


      I have no experience in using either twitter itself or how to incorporate twitter feeds into a flex/air application specifically and was wondering if anyone can tell me exactly what I'd need to do to achieve this?


      A further addition my client has requested is the use of live images. The app itself is basically an interactive favourites menu with users clicking on and adding links to sites within the app. Each of these links is represented by an icon which is basically a screenshot of each site. I want to alter this so that these images change live AS the site themselves change so they are constantly up to date. Is this also possible at all and if so can anyone give me advice on how this could be achieved?