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    How to  submit  form Guides  in ES2.

    PraveenKumar D Level 1




      I'm new  to form guides. Today I am  able to  develop sample Form Guide  using LC ES2 Work Bench.


      Steps I did  :


      I created one sample data model.

      By using  that  I created one  small form Guide and added sections and panel  and customized the form guide as  per my requirement.


      With the help given  by  the  LC ES2 work bench  , am able to create some rules and bindings to data model object. Tried  to add  logic to the  rules and binding   but failed.


      Please  could you  help  me how to add rules and binding to the  form guide and  how to submit and  render the form guide.


      Please  provide good material/link  for developing  form  guide  in ES2.