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    Smooth scaling of sprite on rollover


      I have created a menu with Flash, which uses the 'tsunami' text effect (font grows larger on rollover, and returns back to original size on rollout). However, the animation isn't as smooth in Director as it could be. I was just wondering would similar effect be possible with Lingo?


      I tried to import a Flash object which included only one text without any effects (so that text quality doesn't change when the size is changed in Director), and then I tried to change the height and width of that item with Lingo on rollover. It worked, but the animation wasn't as smooth as I wanted. One of the problem was that because the dimensions grow in pixels, one pixel is too much to get a smooth growing animation. I found this example for smooth animation: http://www.lingoworkshop.com/Examples/Smooth_Zoom_and_Pan.php, but I just don't know how I could make use of that.


      Is this even possible with Director, and if it is, how?