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    How to remove Focus on a numericstepper?

      Some help would be very much appreciated > <

      I have canvas object that listens for key_down events.
      Inside the canvas I have a bunch of boxes that you can “select” (click_event)

      When (arrow key up, down, left and right) is pressed, it moves its “selected” boxes to the indicated direction. Also I have 2 numericstepper which defines the width and height of the boxes in the canvas.

      1) select one or more box in the canvas
      2) change its width or height from the numericstepper <--- focused
      3) move boxes around (arrow key up, down, left and right)

      Now the problem comes…
      The focus is stuck in the numericstepper, the values inside changes as I move the boxes around…

      Some one please tell me a decent way to remove focus from a numericstepper or textInput please... lol