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    Query String and Internet Explorer Issue




      I've made a little Flash app (Player 8, AS2) that is controlled via a query string on the page's URL. Here is a test link:




      If you open this link in Firefox, you will see that Europe is selected by default, and then clicking on either Asia or Latin America will change the string, reload the page and thus change the selected region.


      It works fine in Firefox, Safari etc, but for some reason it won't work in IE6, IE7 or IE8. Now obviously I know that query strings work just fine in IE, but I've never experienced Flash files behaving differently in different browsers before.


      Has anybody experienced this before? I'm really stumped. Here's the flash code I'm using:


      var queryParts:Array = flash.external.ExternalInterface.call("function() { return window.location.toString(); }").split("?region=")[1].split("=");
      trace(queryParts[0]+" = "+queryParts[1]);



      I've also tried embedding the Flash file in different ways (object, swfobject etc) but no joy.


      Any help would be much appreciated!