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    Image in DataGrid Too Large



      I'm new.  When I put a 16x16 gif in a datagrid, it sizes too big.  When I put the image outsidwe the datagrid it looks correct?  Is it trying to fill the height of it's container in the datagrid?

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          Matt Le Fevre Level 4

          Post your item renderer code.

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            Jarrod_P Level 1








                      <mx:Image horizontalAlign="center" >








                                     var redFlag:Class;




                                     var blueFlag:Class;




                                     var greenFlag:Class;


                                     override public function set data( value:Object ) : void {


                                          super.data = value;


                                          var flag:String = value.Flag;


                                          if (flag == "1")


                                               this.source = redFlag;


                                          else if (flag == "2")


                                               this.source = blueFlag;


                                          else if (flag == "3")


                                               this.source = greenFlag;





                                               this.source = null;