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    Problem when Slicing

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      I am using Illustrator to create an HTML email by desiging the email and then slicing (save for web). Whenever i start to slice, the slices generated by Dreamweaver go wayyyyy off my canvas of 600px wide. I have attached a screen shot for clarification. I'm not sure what is going on. Shouldn't the slices be able to line up with the dimensions of the canvas? In photoshop slices are generated in the background until you perfectly slice over the canvas, but in Illustrator I can't seem to get the slices right becasue it is going so far off the canvas.


      I would appreciate any help/advice.



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          I don't really follow you. From your image I see however, that in the strict sense your slizes are wrong. They overlap one another, possibly resulting in invalid code being generated. Such stuff would have to be done by properly laying out nested DIVs in DW and formatting them with the correct CSS attributes. In your case what you seem to be seeing is the DIVs being placed side by side with default alignments, because they have no further attributes for their placement...