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    How do I Pass Variables to a POPUP (titleWindow).

    Christian A. Smith

      I was originally trying to create a titleWindow and set certain properties based on data in the calling program.  However, I could only set the direct properties (ie.  'title').  When I try to set the HBox properties (hbNotEmployted) in the popup I recieve an abend of null reference.  I'm assuming I can't access the mxml because the window has not been created.  Below is the current code I was trying to use.


      Is there a way for me to Pass an array or string value to the popup.




      if (dataField.toString() == "buttonIcon")


           allocationsPopUp =

      new AllocationsPopUp();

           allocationsPopUp.title = data.Name;




      if ( data.Error == "1")


           allocationsPopUp.hbNotEmployed.visible =


           allocationsPopUp.hbNotEmployed.includeInLayout = false;





      this as DisplayObject, true, true );