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    Cannot create new titles from template or edit titles in Premiere Pro CS4...


      For a long time, my titles were working perfectly well.  I could create titles and save them as templates.  As of 2 months ago, I started noticing some issues with this function.


      -I could no longer create titles from any template.  If I clicked to create a title from template, a blank title screen would pop up.


      -The template window now shows a blank screen


      I was able to bypass this by creating a new title from scratch.  Whenever I needed a new one, I'd reopen that title, and click on the "create a new title from current title" button and go from there.



      Well, today, I can no longer use that function.  I can no longer edit any previous titles.  When I click on a title either in the project window or on the timeline, the title window pops up, but I cannot see the title anymore.  I still can see Title Properties and Title Styles.  All the other options are blank or disabled.


      I am still able to watch any titles I was able to create on the timeline.  They still work fine.  I also haven't had any issues with exporting the video.  It all still comes up.


      I am running Adobe Premiere Pro from the CS4 Production Premium Suite.  I am still using Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 on an Alienware computer.


      My computer is a standalone system that is not connected to the internet due to incompatibilities and blocks set up by our network.






      Now, on my coworkers' other computers:


      They have new laptops with Windows Vista (64bit) and have also downloaded the CS4 Production Premium.

      They are having the same issue with their titles, but the only difference is their problem occurred almost immediately.




      This is my first time posting on this forum.  I don't know if I gave all the necessary info about the issue, but I'm sure you'll ask if you need it to answer the question.  Thanks in advance!