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    Importing FrameMaker 7.2 (MIF) files into RoboHelp 6


      I've just purchased RH6 and created a help file using RH6 with using WebHelp as the SSL. However, my preferred method is to create everything in FM save it as a MIF, then import into RH6. Well, since I have a lot of imported graphics in one FM document it was taking forever to save the MIF file, so I ended up creating the bulk of the help files directly in RH6.

      I was planning on sending the PDF of the help project but some of the image map links do not work. Is there a better way to make the document review process easier for the review team? Note: We only have a single user license for RH6.
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          ElisaFnord Level 2
          Hi, and welcome to the forums.

          I do some double-dipping for reviews here, for similar reasons to yours. I generate a Word file and email it to reviewers so they can use Word's review markup features, but I also give them a link to a test PC where the WebHelp is running so they can see how the help actually works.

          I'm not sure how this would work in your FM environment, but the point I'm making (inefficiently) is that the reviewers seem to like having their choice of formats.