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    Activation e-mail

    xcoldnet Level 1
      I need to implement the classic activation via e-mail, you register and receive an e-mail at the e-mail address provided, in the e-mail there is a link you hvae to click on it to activate your account.

      How do I best implement this? I know about sned the mail using the CFMAIl tag, but I have no idea how to insert a link into the e-mail and how to check later if the user has clicked on it or not. Any help is welcome.

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          iKnowKungFoo Level 1
          In the User table, add a column USER_AUTH_TOKEN that stores a 35 character UUID string. There should also be a USER_ACTIVE column whose values are 0 (inactive) or 1 (active).

          When you insert the user data, use CreateUUID() to set the unique value for USER_AUTH_TOKEN. Add that token to the querystring of the Account Activation URL you send to the user in their Confirmation Letter.

          The Account Activation URL will be a page that reads the UUID from the querystring, finds the correct user record and flips the USER_ACTIVE value from 0 to 1. Once this happens, display a message the their account is active and they can now login.

          When a user logs into the site, make sure to verify their ID & PWD and that their USER_ACTIVE = 1.