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    'Ignore Adjustment Layers' when auto selecting

    Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

      Auto select - being able to highlight layers based on where you click in the image, is a very useful option. Especially for design based work.


      What I want is a way to specify the auto-selecting of active layer content only (this could be pixel or vector of course). And for it not to pick up adjustment layers.This could be an additional option in the move tool options bar. It would also be picked up with the Command and Shift command shortcuts (control on PC) which are so useful as they are.


      Unfortunately for those of us that work with very complex layered structures, with many adjustment layers at the top level - auto select will also pick up WHITE areas on masks which have content other than 100% white or black. Its actually quite rare than you want to highlight adjustment layers in this way, and it really gets in the way. It very quickly becomes impossible to auto-acivate layers underneath any masked adustment layers


      I am also aware of the contextual Control click and choose any layer under the icon, but this is not a replacement.